Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Great WOOD flowers! / Lake Tahoe Wedding Flowers Florist

YES!  I've got them and they are sizzling HOT!  Wood flowers for your wedding bouquet...something to save.  Use them en masse for a great creamy white effect, or put them in your fresh flower bouquet.

Green and Pink and White Glass Centerpieces for Carla / Sacramento Wedding Flowers Florist

Carla, here is an inspiration board for you with pink gerberas (they will be in an 8" vase), white spray roses (in a 4.5" vase), and green spider mums (in a 3.25" vase).  I love the clean glass and "hydroponic" organic feel to this.

Photos from the Knot and Posh Petals

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring weddings deeply discounted! from Focus 28 Photography at Sacramento, CA 95831

Spring weddings deeply discounted! from Focus 28 Photography at Sacramento, CA 95831

Promotion Expires Apr 30, 2010
Focus 28 Photography has a few openings available for February, March and April weddings! If you are getting married in those months and still need a photographer we are offering a 50% discount on all wedding packages!!! Those savings add up quickly and could help you bump your package up to the next level. Please contact us right away because at these discounts the days will be gone fast!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Purple and Black Wedding / Placerville and Lake Tahoe Wedding Flowers Florist

Danielle, here are some choices for your as reflected on your estimate.  In the bridal bouquet collage, you can choose from wood flowers with a succulent accent, with a black leaf collar, twigs, and purple skeleton leaves bling; or; choose from garden roses or pompon mums instead of the wood flowers.  Whichever you prefer.  In the bridesmaid bouquet collage, sub out the orange/pinkish dahlias of your inspiration bouquet for some purple anemones (or lisianthus, or other purple seasonal flower, depending on what is available).  If you don't like the succulent, a textural option instead is scabiosa pods.

White garden rose bouquet photo by Sasi Wedding, UK.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Optional Centerpiece Ideas for Carla

Carla, here are some options for your centerpieces, all in the under $40 range.  Picture fuschia roses instead of the main flowers in the photos, such as the white callas...for the candle centerpiece, that could be a glass cylinder with a floating candle on top instead...

Flowers with an edge

Danielle, here is an inspiration board of the images you sent me and a couple more I am proposing.  If you like fragrant roses, the cream Vitality Rose is great for your bridal bouquet!  Instead of the white coral in the white bridal bouquet inspiration for you, I'd like to suggest the red cockscomb, with the cream Vitality roses, skinny branches such as on the cake photo, and an edge of black skeleton leaves as shown in the corner. For the bridesmaids, a round bouquet of black bacarra and black magic roses and burgundy pom mums in a dark red (darker than shown) nest for a collar with just a touch of foliage and black skeleton leaves. Aisle decor of hanging pinecones with black ribbon.  Dark red rose petals dropped just beneath the pine cones. Centerpieces as you suggested.

Submerged Orchids Breakaway Centerpiece Inspiration Photo


Carla, here is an inspiration photo with green cymbidium orchids, lavender/pink dendrobiums, and pink tulips.  These are similar colors as what you are looking for.
Photo by: unknown (my bad; I don't know the source - if anyone recognizes this photo please contact me so I can give proper credit!  THANKS!)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Antique Hydrangea and Amnesia Rose Inspiration Board for j.crew violet stone dress

Kristen has chosen the gorgeous  j.crew bridesmaid dress, above.  The color inspired me to think of antique hydrangea and amnesia roses.  While looking for some photos for the inspiration board, I came across the lovely bouquet on the left using both of those flowers.  The colors and the fern give it an art noveau look.

Photos by: