Friday, March 20, 2009

Sacramento Bulk DIY Wedding Flowers / Sacramento Lake Tahoe Wedding Flowers Florist

I have added a new service! The purpose of this new service is to reach brides who don’t want custom designed flowers - either they are brides on a budget, they don’t want to get into all of the details of custom-designed wedding flowers, or they might be destination brides. For any budget bride, or frugal bride, I offer DIY Wedding Flowers.

DIY Wedding Flowers - there’s loads of tutorials out there on the internet for DIY wedding flowers. There are even some books available for purchase, but I see lots of how-tos on ubloom, Flower School, and You Tube out there for free. Who should DIY wedding flowers? Budget Brides. Creative Brides. Calm Brides. Brides with family/friends to help. Brides who want a simple, elegant look. Who shouldn’t DIY wedding flowers? Frantic Brides. Impatient Brides. Perfectionist Brides. Brides who want big, huge, over the top designs that will take a lot of time and skill to make and install. Just remember, you’ll need to make the flowers the night before or a few nights before (for a simple wedding, figure about 9 people hours, minimum), have a way to keep them cool and hydrated, and have a way to get them set up while you are trying to get dressed and become the bride that you are!!

I offer a way for you to buy DIY wedding flowers just like the florists do - in bulk bunches. That means that you can order your bulk flowers from me, I’ll go pick them up for you, make sure that they are in good condition, and then you can pick them up from me, or I’ll deliver them to you. The benefit of buying from me instead of online flower wholesalers? My flowers are kept hydrated (in water), and I quality-control check them when I pick them up from my vendor for you. Personally, I would be a very stressed, upset bride if my flowers were to arrive in a box looking dead, with no one local to fix it, right before my wedding. The benefit of buying from me instead of the local big box store? I’ve looked into their floral departments, and it is very limited as to what you can order in advance. You get what you get….whereas, with my service, you order exactly what you want, and I make sure that they are in good condition - remember, it’s only a couple of days before your wedding. There are no do-overs!

I can also purchase your supplies…craft stores don’t carry all of the items that florists use, so I can get those for you too.

Take a crash course in wedding floral design! I’ll be blogging soon about upcoming classes.

What caused me to create this new service? I see a need to offer alternatives to brides. I lost one bride, that I hadn’t even met yet, to the big box because of her perception that they had cheaper wedding flowers. At the same time, a friend told me about her friend who couldn’t find a florist that would do a daisy wedding - she liked daisies, but some florists look down on daisies as being “cheap” - which they’re not, they’re a beautiful flower and what the bride wanted - and the bride ended up DIY wedding flowers. The big box stores don’t offer all the different varieties of flowers and foliages that florists can access.

My prices are on the website, there for you to see.

So please visit the DIY Bulk Flowers page, if you are looking for DIY bulk wedding flowers at A Special Day Designs for Sacramento and Lake Tahoe wedding flowers packages (or even if you’re curious!) and let me know what you think!

And visit MY website at :

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