Sunday, August 2, 2009

Do you have a rain plan??? / Lake Tahoe Wedding Flowers

Yesterday was Victoria's wedding day! She chose a gorgeous venue, the PlumpJack Inn at Squaw Valley, Olympic Village, California (north Lake Tahoe region). I was anxious all week, watching the weather reports....thunderstorm activity all week! In fact, the Lake Tahoe region has been heavy on regular thunderstorms since May...pretty unusual since I've been in this area, almost a decade now. Victoria's ceremony and DJ area was set up on the patio outside, with the reception seating, bar, and slide show indoors. Apparently, it thunderstormed prior to our delivery arrival...and was just lovely at ceremony time, with a soft breeze, and low 70s weather. After the ceremony, as we were headed out, there was a rumble of thunder and it was getting overcast. Do you have a rain plan?

More photos will be coming...but here is a teaser...pretty little pots all in a row. Look at how they pop! I chose to put different pink flowers and foliage in each pot. They really made a difference for this aisle. You can see your color choices in an earlier post. Spray on the arch in the background. And visit MY website at :

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  1. your designing art looks in your picture
    great work

  2. The apple green and white polka dot pots with your bright pink floral arrangements look amazing hanging down the wedding aisle.

    Did your bride use the flowers again at her reception or as favors?

  3. Thanks, Cathy! Love your pots! What an honor, coming from the designer of the pretty pots! This was actually the only wedding I've done where there was a planner...and she stepped in and I didn't even get to see the bride :(. However, even though the bride initially thought she had to return the pots (they LOOK very valuable), they would be great to use again at the reception - just snip the ribbons. She could hand them out as favors/thank yous for helpers, put them on the bar, on the buffet table, on the cake table circling the cake, put them on guest tables, all sorts of useful things to do with them. Or, do something nice and deliver them to a nursing home when she is done! So many great uses.