Friday, April 9, 2010

Flowers Availability for Week of April 12

Sometimes my fresh flower vendors let me know what flowers are winding down, or are just ramping up, for availability.  I thought I would pass this on, so that brides and other vendors know what's going out for the season, or coming in...this post can also help in following years.  Here we go:

~Dahlias are still limited in quanitites for many of the bright seasonal colors; however, burgundy tones are most readily available and looking great!

~The season for ranunculas are winding down...

~Local anemones are just about finished for the season...

~We are at the tip of the peony iceberg for gorgeous local peonies.  Production should be picking up and quanitities more plentiful as the weeks progress.

In addition, I see that the following are available:

- cherry branches
- field tulips
- green and black kangaroo paw (way, way cool!!!)
- sweet peas
- field daffodils
- lilac
- almond branches
- dogwood branches
- pussy willow, 10 - 14' tall
- lily of the valley (but very, very costly)

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