Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sola / Tapioca / Balsa Wood Wedding Flowers / Truckee Lake Tahoe Sacramento Wedding Flowers Florist

Sola wood (aka balsa wood or tapioca wood) and cotton boll alternative wedding bouquet with metallic and icy details, and a custom etched copper bouquet charm
I had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth for a year on wedding flowers for her March 3, 2012 Truckee winter wedding.  She came to me with the vision of sola wood flowers (also known as tapioca wood or balsa wood flowers) and cotton bolls (because they reminded her of snow), with some metallic bling to reflect her winter wedding.  I took that idea farther, including pine cones embellished with crushed glass (like snow!) and as a nod to her Sierra wedding.  I hung a faceted glass (not acrylic!) crystal ball dangle that gives the idea of an icicle. Metallic touches included silver ting ting, gold skeleton leaves, a copperish rose element, and silver cord handle wrap (over rustic burlap). I finished off the bouquet with hand-shaped couture muslin leaves that were veined with silver and that I formed with antique french tools.  To finish off the metallic accents, I hand-etched and metalsmithed a copper bouquet charm with her initial.  This charm can be removed and worn as a necklace pendant, if she likes. I also included gorgeous, beautifully preserved cream sweetheart roses, as she wanted texture in her bouquet.

For her bridesmaid, I made a bouquet with sola wood flowers and simple muslin leaves and a burlap handle that complemented Elizabeth's bouquet. The bouts complemented both bouquets.

Elizabeth had two flower girls, and I made each a halo head wreath of sola wood flowers.  I included some bling, copper wire and copper ribbon, to match the theme.

The ceremony included a chuppah of birch poles and cloth.  I designed four pole dangles of sola wood flowers that included a faceted glass crystal ball dangle on each to catch the light as the chuppah was carried, and that matched Elizabeth's bouquet.

All of this was done  in advance of the wedding; Elizabeth and her fiancee picked up everything a few weeks before the wedding on their way home from a Lake Tahoe trip.  These are all items that can be done in advance, and in fact, can be mailed anywhere in the world!

Many thanks to Jessa Wilber for the photography.

Hand metalsmithed copper bouquet charm by A Special Day Designs, Shingle Springs, California

Sola wood and cotton boll wedding bouquet, Placerville, California

Balsa wood and cotton boll wedding bouquet with winter elements for a Truckee wedding.

Tapioca wood simple petite bouquet

Balsa wood bouquet with burlap and bling

Simple and elegant sola wood bouquet
Sola wood and cotton boll boutonniere
Balsa wood bout with couture french millinery leaf
Sola wood flower girl halo head wreath
Balsa wood flower flowergirl halo head wreath
Sola wood flower chuppah pole wedding decor

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