Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sunflower Bouquet in Foam Holder vs. Hand Tied / Placerville and Coloma Wedding Flowers Florist

This is for Aimee, but really, it's for all brides trying to decide between a bridal bouquet in a foam holder vs. a hand-tied bouquet. The pro photo on the left shows the control a wedding floral designer has in the placement of the blooms in a foam holder; it allows for a more rounded, full bouquet. The handle of the foam holder is disguised in ribbon, or with cut stems to mimic a hand tied, or there are new holders that are transparent and very pretty, or gold or silver toned. The bouquet on the right is hand tied. It is very pretty, but it is a different effect than the foam holder bouquet. The foam holder also has the advantage of keeping the flowers constantly drinking...even during a marathon photo session, which can leave hand tied bouquets wilting if not kept in water frequently. Just remember, FOAM is not a four-letter word :)! Aimee, the bouquet on the left is what your quote is based on; let me know if you'd prefer the hand tied mono floral sunflower bouquet on the right.

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