Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentine's Day Not Budget for Brides / Sacramento and Lake Tahoe Wedding Flowers Florist

See these lovely Renoir callas? I was just at my flower vendors on Friday, to see what was new and fresh for February (more on that in a minute!). As you know, prices on anything goes up when there is a high demand for them. That includes perishable flowers around any holiday, but especially Valentine's Day (you may not think about it...but don't get married around Mother's Day if you don't want to pay high prices, either!). Prices are up, up, up for this major floral holiday. Farms charge more to the wholesalers, the wholesale vendors charge more to the florists, and the florists must mark up their product as well. It's not that the florists are out to make a bigger buck on you...their costs skyrocket and that gets passed to you.

Where was I? Oh yes, the lovely callas. I saw a similar color at my vendor's on Friday...and keep in mind, that these are small posey callas...they come in a bunch of ten stems, which isn't barely a handful...and these callas, for TEN of them, would retail at...gasp...$78 right now! So when you are choosing the date, keep in mind that the two weeks prior to a major flower holiday, the prices are rising. After the holiday, quality would be a concern to me. If you can avoid those times, so much better for your budget!

Oh! But there are some lovely options this time of year. At the end of January, the flowering branches started coming in. Forsythia, at 5 to 6 feet tall; flowering plum; flowering quince with coral blooms.

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