Saturday, September 11, 2010

DIY Bulk Wedding Flowers for Sacramento, Placerville, and Lake Tahoe Weddings

White Mini Callas
Purple Callas

When I order bulk wedding flowers for you, you are saving 30 - 50% over having a skilled, educated professional design your wedding flowers.  When you order custom flowers, you are paying to have someone else with design skills create floral works of art - and for their labor, their experience and education, and the costs of running a business.  They also take the worry about how your florals will turn out for you.  Some couples choose to DIY their own wedding flowers for different reasons - they have a lower budget, or they are creative and want to express their creativity.

When I order DIY bulk flowers for your Sacramento or Lake Tahoe wedding, you have the same choice of flowers as I do.  I order from my regular vendors, who order from their regular growers, and the flowers are shipped "cold chain" - that is, kept refrigerated all the way.  When my vendors get the flowers, they make sure to rehydrate them with special floral food and bacterial-reducing dip, to make sure your flowers last longer.  When I pick up your flowers for you, if I will be holding them for you, I also rehydrate them once again and give them a bacterial-reducing dip.  This all means that your flowers will last longer.

When you order DIY bulk flowers from those anonymous online places, what are you going to do if the flowers show up wilted?  There won't be time to replace them.  And even if they are shipping overnight, the flowers might be left at a hot airport or be sitting on a hot truck - or in the winter, freezing.  Ordering DIY flowers from me, a local floral designer, you have peace of mind. I check your flowers when I pick them up from my vendors, and if they are not up to standard, I will find another source for you.

I just quoted bulk DIY callas / wedding flowers for Tamika's 10/10/10 wedding. After I sent her estimate to her, I checked online for the leading calla company.  Guess what?  My prices were lower!!!  So don't think that your local bulk DIY wedding flower vendor can't beat the big corporation's prices.  And I guarantee you -- I care a LOT more about your wedding than they do!

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