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Wedding Flowers Budget Planning Guide / Lake Tahoe Sacramento Placerville Wedding Flowers Florist

Sphere Cylinder Topper Centerpiece, $59
We floral designers talk about it all the time - and talk about it with the other wedding pros.  I see the wedding couples talking about it on the wedding forums too.  It's the elephant in the room and no one wants to talk about's the ....BUDGET!!!  It seems that wedding couples have a fear of putting a number out there because they think that as soon as they do, the wedding vendors will price their services UP to meet that budget.  Wedding vendors, on the other hand, get frustrated when they consult with a couple, and the couple doesn't want to talk about budget.  Here's the problem:  most wedding vendors want to provide you the best service at the best price that they can for you.  Most aren't out to rip you off; but they aren't Aunt Suzie and Uncle Charlie and willing to do it for their wholesale cost plus free labor.  They have bills to pay, a living to earn, they are passionate about weddings, but they need to charge a fair amount as they are in, you know, business!

Here's the issue.  If you don't tell me your budget, but tell me that you want premium flowers like hydrangea, callas, peonies, garden roses, etc., I'm going to give you an estimate that reflects the costs of those costly blooms.  I get charged more by my vendor, and so in turn, charge you more when you choose those premium flowers.  So you get my estimate, and are about to pass out, because you actually only budgeted, let's say, $1000 for your wedding flowers.  So you just go away, and don't give me another chance to adjust the move on to another florist, or maybe an inexperienced person from craigslist.   In the meantime, I've just invested probably 6-8 hours writing your estimate - figuring out which flowers are in season, calling my vendors to estimate the cost, making some drawings, writing a floral recipe, and typing it all up for you.  But I never hear back from you.  You leave me hanging there without so much as a "no thank you" (it is proper manners to at least let the vendor know that you are moving on) and you feel that I'm way overpriced.

Do you see the disconnect?

If you tell your floral designer (or other wedding pro) upfront what your budget is, we can work with it!  I might include less other premium flowers because you have to have hydrangea - so I use more filler flowers and foliage, we highlight the hydrangea, or I do some high-style modern design that uses fewer blooms.  But unless you TELL me, how will I know?

Why do some floral designers charge less or more?  Price is a factor of supply and demand.   Popular, well-known designers tend to charge more.  Designers that spend more on advertising charge more to pay for that advertising.  Look at the differences in design.  An abundant look is gorgeous, but you are paying for each bloom and the training and expertise to put it in the best spot and then to keep it all alive and deliver it and set it up!  Simple costs less.  Don't confuse simple with inexperience or a lack of training, however.  An untrained floral designer can cost a grief.  If you choose someone lacking experience or training, be prepared to live with your photos for the rest of your life!

I decided to put together a photo essay and some average prices...these are MY average prices for my design style and the types of flowers and containers that I like to work with.  Other designers may charge more, or less.  You can ALWAYS see my prices posted on my website.  My style is what it is, and the prices are what they are.  I welcome custom work and will give custom quotes within my design style.

Art Nouveau Bouquet, Medium Size, $115
I don't call my bouquets "Bride's" or "Bridesmaid's" because I want to give you options.  If the full size of this bouquet is too much for your budget, there is also a petite size available for $99.  My bouquets range in price from $27 to $350.

Chic Bout, $15

My bouts reflect the flowers in the bouquets and range from $10 to $22.

Collage Corsage Brooch, $25
My corsages range from $18 to $35.

Pretty Aisle Vases, $30/each; Arch Spray, $135

Aisle decor ranges from $18 to $280.  Light coverage aisle petals, $75. Ceremony marker arrangements $65 to $75.

Breakaway Centerpiece of Beachy Dried Grasses; Moss Candle Mason Jar, Succulent $67 (other items by bride)

Centerpieces start at $15 and go up to $67.

Please visit my website to see all of my prices:  A Special Day Designs

Some communities I serve include Placerville, El Dorado Hills, Cameron Park, Shingle Springs, Georgetown, Forest Hill, Coloma, Jackson, Ione, Sutter Creek, Auburn, Roseville, Lincoln, Folsom, Lodi, Davis, South Lake Tahoe, Squaw Valley, and Incline Village.

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