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To DIY Wedding Flowers, Or Not? / Placerville Sacramento Lake Tahoe wedding flowers florist

via Green Bride Guide
Okay, so I love this photo from Green Bride Guide.  Now, this looks like a backyard or park wedding, and someone's mom is DIYing the wedding flowers.  You know that I'm all for that, in fact, I sell bulk DIY wedding flowers to Sacramento, Lake Tahoe, and Placerville area wedding couples. Take a look at that look of frustration, or "what am I supposed to do next?" or "how the heck am I going to attach the flowers to the arch???" or "the wedding starts in 15 minutes and I'm not dressed and I'm very much perspiring and I'm not anywhere near done!" 

Here's the difference between DIY wedding flowers and paying a floral professional:  lean in closer: psssstttt: they are professionals, trained, with schooling, they do this all the time and so are experienced, and you are paying the floral designer more for their skilled LABOR.  When you DIY, you are cutting 1/3 to 1/2 the cost because you are providing labor.

As long as you don't expect perfection, then DIY may be for you.  As long as you can roll with the flow, and not get bent out of shape on your wedding day, then DIY may be for you.  DON'T, and I have to say it again, DON'T DIY if you only get your venue a 1/2 hour or hour before the ceremony or reception.  You can't do it.  It's very difficult even for pros when the venue is cranking out the weddings and only give you a 1/2 hour to get in.  There's one place in Sacramento that I am thinking of, and we had to wait in our cars on a hot day with the air conditioning running for over a half hour while the venue shooed out the guests from the wedding before, we had to rush setting up the ceremony site, started decorating the bar area as guests for our wedding were arriving, then madly dashing about the reception area, rushing the venue to change out the linens so we could get big, abundant centerpieces up (I was helping another designer).  We barely made it.  If I ever have to work that venue again, I will be adding the cost of at least 3 assistants to get it done on time.

Seriously, if you are going to DIY, it's great if you can get a venue that gives you a half day, full day, or overnight to prep it.  THAT's the way to go to DIY wedding flowers.  KISS - Keep It Simple, Silly!  Don't let changes in plans keep you from having great memories.  Really, it's all about celebrating a new stage in your life with the people you love, right?

If you need bulk DIY wedding flowers in the Sacramento, Lake Tahoe, or Placerville area, or surrounding counties, please contact me by email:  .  You can get the same flowers that I get, and I will quality control them for you.  I'm better than the box stores and it's safer ordering from me than some unknown website.  I'll condition your flowers properly so that they are fresh for you.

Of course, if after reading this post and looking at that picture, you don't want to DIY wedding flowers after all, LOL, contact me!  I do custom floral design too!  Go to my website at:  .

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