Friday, October 14, 2011

Sola Wood Flower Wedding Bouquets

Sola wood flowers, which are sometimes called balsa wood flowers or tapioca wood flowers, have been very popular for wedding bouquets for my clients.  The sola wood flowers work well in rustic, vintage, romantic and alternative bouquets.  Enjoy my sola wood bouquets as well as sola wood corsages and boutonnieres.  Want one?  I'll custom make yours, just email me!  This posting is for Elizabeth, who loves sola wood flower bouquets and wants to see some different ways sola flowers can be used.  It really depends on my you can see below, some look vintage, some look rustic, and some look like wildflowers.  Maybe you'd like yours to look icy and cold for your winter Truckee wedding?

This was the sola wood bouquet that started it all.  Danielle was very vintage glam; forest/beach meets elegant glamour.  This sola wood bouquet features lambs ears, skeleton leaves, lavender, a burlap handle, and a black french wire bow.
Another view of Danielle's sola wood bouquet - a better view of the skeleton leaves and glass pearl accents.
Another hybrid sola wood and fresh flower bouquet.  This wedding felt like rustic glamour.  Sola wood flowers with dendrobium orchids, carnations, pompon mums, and rustic berries with some crystal and moss accents.
Sola wood rustic groom's bout.  Simply charming.
This bout is NOT sola wood, but you can see how well it compliments the rustic wedding above.

Also not sola wood, but wouldn't this collage corsage look terrific with a sola wood flower instead of the pompon mum?
A wildflower sola wood bouquet.  This bouquet is a hybrid, combining sola wood flowers (yes! in your colors!) with cool water lavender roses, lisianthus, verbena, agapanthus, dahlia, and lavender mini carns, with a bright green doily handle.
Here is the matching groom bout. Purple sola wood flower with a rhinestone accent, berries, and lavender mini carns.  Just perfect for a Rome Valley Vineyard wedding!
Vintage look sola wood flower bouquet.  This is the one I displayed at Celebrate Coloma Weddings!  This bouquet is completely non-fresh and alternative.  Sola wood flowers combine with dried rosebuds, natural shells, crystal bling, and a real copper flower with faux pearl center.  Movement is added by a truly vintage tulle collar that I've vintaged up.
A closer view of the vintage look sola wood flower bouquet.  Did I mention that the brass and faux pearl flower are vintage?
Even the underside of the bouquet is beautiful with meticulously hand-applied millinery leaves, and the handle is wrapped in an upcycled silk sari material and trim!  Gorgeous!
A corsage to match the vintage look sola wood flower bouquet - a sola wood collage corsage!  What is a collage corsage?  That's what I've named my special corsages that I treat like an art canvas.  This one has old-fashioned script on the background, and features millinery leaves, faux crystal accents, and dried rosebuds.  There is a pin attached to the back for easy pinning.

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