Saturday, October 15, 2011

Metals Still Trending in Wedding Design / Alternative Wedding

This copper bracelet works well as a wrist corsage - the gift that keeps on giving!  I cut and patinaed the base; hand forged the wrist band; and added lots of luscious fire-polished crystals in what I call "Lake Tahoe blues" - that is, several shades of blue, green, yellow, and clear, as well as copper-colored crystals.
Metals have been trending in wedding design, and they are still holding strong.  Especially important this season are the metals which have taken the place of out-of-price-range gold: brass, copper, steel, nobium, and silver and German silver (both fine metals).  They might be finished by a bright polish to show their natural beauty, or may have a natural or other patina added; they might be painted, inked, or etched, to match your wedding colors.

Here are some copper lovelies that I have metalsmithed - I have cut from copper sheet, sanded, hammered, torched, soldered, and smithed especially for weddings.  I'm also showing some examples from other artists of what you might use in your wedding.

This copper and crystal beauty is for the offbeat, individual, and alternative wedding.  It can be used as a copper boutonniere or a copper corsage.  This one has fire polished crystals to match the natural patina on my hammered copper, but you can choose any color crystal you would like.  It has a pin back for easy wearing.
I hand cut the metal for this copper boutonniere, then took careful time to shape it into this slender bloom holder, soldered it and applied a natural patina, and added a pin back.  The silver solder does show, but that just adds to its authenticness and naturalness. 
Etching is another great technique that metalsmiths use to bring out your theme or personality.  The following two photos are by different artists, but both beautifully show the etching technique. I can etch whatever you might like.

Beautiful etching, which could be the basis for a bout or corsage, via Rebecca Ward

Your initial or monogram can be etched as shown, for a bouquet charm.  Or, imagine your initials or monogram on a square or rectangular piece of metal as a bout or corsage base. Via Intheloftdesigns on etsy.

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